Bagley Viewpoint

Bagley Viewpoint is located in the North Broadway Neighborhood at 2548 Delmar Dr E, 98102.

This viewpoint was the original west entry point for Interlaken Boulevard, but its connection to the boulevard was greatly reduced with the construction of the Evergreen Floating Bridge (SR 520) in 1966. Olmsted’s drawings from 1908 proposed a grand concourse at this location and included “walks, entrance gates, shelters, etc., including the steep slope down to Portage Bay.” The Park Board’s 1909 report suggested making Roanoke Park a part of the concourse, but those plans quickly changed.

In their 1903 report, the Olmsted Brothers proposed an even grander scheme for this area, suggesting that the boulevard network continue beyond this point with a “Volunteer Hill Parkway” that would run “to the bluff northwest of the end of the Broadway electric car line (at 10th and Roanoke). It would then turn southward along the bluff west of Tenth avenue, which would form its easterly boundary. . . .”  This boulevard approach to Volunteer Park was never realized.

Bagley Viewpoint was named after Dr. Herman Beardsley Bagley, one of the region’s first homeopathic (vaccine-oriented) physicians.  His widow, Mrs. M. W. Glenn, presented an ornamental drinking fountain and pedestal with lights to commemorate him.

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