David Rodgers Playfield

David Rodgers Playfield is located in the Queen Anne neighborhood at 2625 1st Ave NW. It is 8.5 acres.

The northernmost five acres of this park, originally named “Evergreen Park” for its grove of evergreen trees, was donated to the city in 1883 by realtor B.F. Day. John Charles recommended particular landscape treatment for this park in the firm’s 1903 report: “When the time comes to improve this little park, perhaps the best scheme will be to preserve the ravine with its wild undergrowth, covering only the gentler slopes outside of the ravine with grass, confining the plantations mostly to broad-leaved evergreen shrubs and trees, grouped in masses, mainly along the south side of the walks, and in such a way that the lawns and masses of shrubbery will contrast with each other.  To distinguish this little park from others where fir trees will be abundant, it might be well to eliminate all but the best of the fir trees, and on the parts not in the ravine to substitute broad-leaved evergreen trees.” He notes also that as “this little park will be surrounded by houses, the walk system should be so arranged as to provide for short-cutting.”

In 1909 the southern portion of this park was purchased. A condition of the 1909 deed stipulated that the “flow of spring water” at the southwest corner of the park be maintained “in perpetuity.” The board of parks commissioners report of the same year stated that this park’s “location is a commanding one, giving a panoramic view of all of the mountain and water scenery in and around Seattle, the elevation being almost the highest point in the city.” The property held the name of Evergreen Park until 1919, when it was renamed in honor of a retiring manager for the shipbuilding company of The Skinner & Eddy Corp.

Today the park includes a play area, three tennis courts, comfort station, paths and benches among open meadow and native plantings.

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