Greenwood Triangle

Greenwood Triangle is located in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood at 3rd Ave NW & NW 55th St, 98107. It is 0.1 acres.

This triangle of land is all that remains of “Greenwood Park” (also known as “Ballard Park”), a much larger park that used to extend westward from 2nd Ave. NW and from 55th Street north to a point beyond 56th Street. A serpentine boulevard, known as “Ballard Boulevard,” ran through this park and up the slope as a scenic approach from Ballard to Woodland Park – the roadway cuts into the ridge at top, with Phinney Avenue bridging over it, to create an easier grade into the park itself. Rows of mature trees, planted in 1915, still line the upland portion of the boulevard from 2nd Ave eastward.

The larger “Greenwood Park” is shown as an existing park on the Olmsted Brothers map from 1908, and the short stretch of boulevard is shown as proposed. Indeed, at least the area of Greenwood Triangle had been deeded to the city of Ballard in 1895 and incorporated into Seattle’s system in 1907. The park area east of 3rd was sold for development, and the boulevard blocks west of 2nd Ave were turned over to the engineering department by 1942.

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