Greg Davis Park

Greg Davis Park is located in the Delridge neighborhood at 2600 SW Brandon St, 98106.

Greg Davis Park lies adjacent to Longfellow Creek and links with the Longfellow Creek Legacy Trail. In his 1908 report, Olmsted recommended establishing “Longfellow Park,” a “narrow long park or wide parkway. . .designed to preserve the wooded valley of Longfellow Creek south of Youngstown between Duwamish Hill and Lincoln Hill. . . .” Greg Davis Park occupies a portion of this wooded valley.

This park is also immediately adjacent to a boulevard ROW that had been set aside for the “West Seattle Parkway.” Though the parkway was never built, remnant sections of this ROW still exist, one traversing the West Seattle Golf Course in a NW direction, and another wrapping around the north end of Puget Park. A section of Puget Boulevard also traces this route.

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