Hamilton Viewpoint Park

Hamilton Viewpoint Park is located in the West Seattle neighborhood at 1531 California Way SW, 98116. It is 16.9 acres.

In 1908, when John Charles Olmsted included the Duwamish Head Park, located at the top of the height of land jutting out into Elliott Bay known as the Duwamish Head, in his list of park tracts recommended for acquisition, a local resident named Jacob Mades had already kept the tract of land as a park reserve that he was willing to sell to the city.

Olmsted noted that the tract had “good trees” and “commands an excellent view of Puget Sound and of the Harbor and is decidedly valuable as a local park for recreation purposes.”

After many delays and a stint as a U.S. Army installation, the park was developed into a viewpoint park in 1954. In 1957, it was renamed in honor of Rupert Lehn Hamilton, a proponent of neighborhood parks and the publisher/editor of the West Seattle Herald.

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