Kinnear Parkway (unrealized)

The Kinnear Parkway, unrealized, would have connected Kinnear Park to the main parkway system at a juncture near today’s Dravus Street.

The Olmsted Brothers, in their 1903 report, advised for two branch parkways on Queen Anne. Both would have extended from the hill’s northwest section, but while the early iteration of Queen Anne Boulevard would have wound around the hill in a clockwise direction to terminate at Observatory Courts, the Kinnear Parkway was recommended to “extend from the main parkway at Grand Boulevard [Dravus Street today], along the western side of Queen Anne Hill, following the top of the bluff, and including the steep wooded slope, to Kinnear Park.”

The Kinnear Parkway shows up again in a 1908 map of the “Olmsted System of Parks, Playgrounds & Boulevards.” In this image, the route has been refined and is shown heading northwest from the vicinity of Prospect avenue and 9th street, at the north end of upper Kinnear Park. The drive would have continued diagonally to what was platted as 13th and Galer, where it would have turned to head north, jogging from 13th to 12th Avenue after several blocks. Upon meeting Gilman Drive, the route would turn and follow this diagonal roadway, running northwest until meeting 17th Avenue (as platted anyway) near Grand Boulevard.

Of this proposed route, only Gilman Drive and that portion of 12th Avenue exist today. The southern part of the route is partially included in what is now the SW Queen Anne Greenbelt.

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