Lake Union Park

Lake Union Park is at 860 Terry Ave N., 98109. It is 10.7 acres in size.

In 1910, Olmsted was asked to provide further recommendations for locating playgrounds. Although his 1908 report addressed playgrounds in the newly annexed areas, this report looked at locating them throughout the city.

One of John Charles’ recommendations was for a playground and recreational area on the shore of Lake Union, most preferably at its south end: “[a]nother important selection, as a part of a logical well balanced park system, is one on Lake Union. Here again the selection must depend so much upon financial considerations that it can best be determined by a Committee of the Board after investigation. It is pretty obvious, however, that a site at the south end of the lake, at or near the end of Fairview Avenue, would be nearest to the largest number of people of the class that most need it. It would, when filled, afford a sufficient level area and would command the longest views down the lake.”

Today’s Lake Union Park includes a spray park, boat launch for hand-carried boats, and open lawn area with pathways along the waterfront. It is also home to Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) and the Center for Wooden Boats.

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