Leschi-Lake Dell Natural Area

Leschi-Lake Dell Natural Area is located in the Leschi neighborhood at 3525 E. Terrace Street, 98122.

In considering the slopes along the Lake Washington shoreline north of Yesler Way and Leschi Park in his 1903 report, Olmsted was particularly enamored of one area for its spectacular views: “one of the finest view points along the west shore of Lake Washington, at a point about half a block south of East James street, at or a little east of the line of Thirty-fifth avenue. South of this view point there is an exceedingly steep slope down into a ravine, and all the land to the south is much lower, so that a fine plunging view is afforded of Lake Washington and its shore. . . to Bailey Peninsula [Seward Park], and beyond of the distant mountains, and especially of Mt. Rainier. Even if no parkway or large park is laid out in this locality, there ought, at least, to be a few acres secured so as to preserve this remarkably fine view.” The Leschi-Lake Dell natural area covers a portion of this slope and ravine and at its northeast corner provides a high viewing area from which to catch this magnificent view.

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