Magnolia Park

Magnolia Park is located in the Magnolia neighborhood at 1461 Magnolia Blvd W, 98199. It is 12.1 acres. Magnolia Boulevard borders the park where it curves inland to skirt a wooded ravine, ending at the Howe Street bridge.

Called out as “Magnolia Bluffs Park” in Olmsted’s 1908 report, this park was to “include the valley and a portion of Magnolia Bluffs” west of Smith Cove. Olmsted envisioned this scenic park bordering the “Magnolia Bluffs Parkway” (Magnolia Boulevard), which he first proposed in 1903.

The southeast end of the park features beautiful bluff vistas toward Elliott Bay, Alki Point and Puget Sound. The park has an Olmstedian greensward character, composed of mature madronas and several other specimen trees underplanted with lawn. Magnolia Park captures the essential features John Charles envisioned in his 1903 report for development of Magnolia Bluffs: deep ravine, park drive, & walks, preserved native vegetation and superb public views.

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