Northeast Queen Anne Greenbelt

The Northeast Queen Anne Greenbelt is located at Dexter Way N & Lynn Street & Wheeler Street.

In their 1903 report, the Olmsted Brothers recommended a park in this vicinity: “Between the [QA] parkway and Lake Union, at or near Howe Street, there should be a local park extending down to the lake.” They note that it would “pay the city in the long run to take considerable area on this steep slope, because it is subject to landslides, and its occupation by streets and houses would involve difficulties and expenses which might eventually cost the city far more than the present value of the land.” Today the greenbelt offers a reprieve into nature with trails and benches within the wooded slope. Views from the site open up across Lake Union to the Cascade Mountains to the east. According the SPR website, this area “offers the perfect spot to watch the seaplanes arrive and depart” on Lake Union.

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