Puget Park

Puget Park is located in the Delridge neighborhood at 4767 Puget Way SW, Seattle, WA 98106. It is approximately 17.6 acres in size.

This is one of several parks in West Seattle located along the path of a series of scenic parkways proposed by Olmsted in his 1908 supplemental report. In the case of Puget Park, the “South Seattle Parkway” was to cross over this ridge at the park’s north boundary and into the ravine directly west (Delridge Way), there joining up with the proposed West Seattle and Duwamish Hill Parkways. Approximately 3.5 acres of “boulevard ROW” still make up the north side of the park.

This park is a roughly “horseshoe” shape covering the wooded slopes just below a ridge occupied by private homes. The Puget Mill Company gifted the property “for a public park” in 1912. Today the park makes up part of the West Duwamish Greenbelt and includes wooded trails, many of them maintained by local community groups.

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