Roanoke Park

Roanoke Park is located in the Roanoke neighborhood at 950 E Roanoke St, 98102. It is 2.2 acres.

Olmsted’s 1903 plan called for a boulevard – the Volunteer Hill Parkway – to generally follow the established bicycle trails through what is now Interlaken Park, extending to and crossing the ridgeline at 10th Ave and turning to travel southward along the ridge to eventually connect to Volunteer Park. By 1908, however, this continuation of Interlaken Boulevard was put aside, and instead John Charles suggested a large concourse and viewpoint at the parkway’s terminus. He envisioned the viewpoint a little east of today’s Roanoke Park, at what is now Bagley Viewpoint.  The board of Park Commissioners, meanwhile, started eyeing the area of Roanoke Park to serve that function “for which purpose it is admirably adapted.” (1909 annual report)

Bagley Viewpoint did become the boulevard’s terminus, though many years later that function was effectively severed with the construction of SR 520. Meanwhile, Roanoke Park was established as an “attractive community park” with lawn, plant beds and a network of paths. The Olmsted Brothers’ 1908 map shows this site as a proposed park just beyond the boulevard terminus point.

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