Schmitz Boulevard

Schmitz Boulevard is located in West Seattle at 5717 SW Stevens St, 98116. It is approximately 0.3 miles long.

Schmitz Boulevard was designed by the Olmsted Brothers. It runs from Alki Playground into the northwest portion of Schmitz Park. Built in 1909, the roadway was originally envisioned as a continuation of the West Seattle Parkway, never realized, which would have connected Alki Beach to Lake Washington via a series of parkways. The built section is instead a short road that provided the only automobile entry to Schmitz park, extending through an allée of trees and terminating at a pergola and shelterhouse.

Olmsted Brothers consulted on the design of the roadway and park entry. The entry at 59th Avenue SW and SW Lander street once featured a log lintel resting on boulder posts; this was demolished in 1953 In 1949 the length of boulevard running in front of Alki Elementary School was closed to traffic, and the main park entry was moved to Southwest Admiral Way as in the original Olmsted proposal.

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