University Boulevard

University Boulevard extends from the north edge of the University of Washington campus at 50th Street to Ravenna Boulevard. The Olmsted Brothers recommended this connection in their 1903 report. The route again appears in the 1908 map, “Olmsted System: Parks, Boulevards and Playgrounds of the City of Seattle,” with the portion between 52nd and 55th streets shown as built and the section extending southward to the University campus shown as proposed. Unlike most of their proposed boulevards, which incorporate curves to better respond to topography and view opportunities, this route strikes a straight line through the neighborhood.

University Boulevard has two lanes of traffic, separated by a wide grassy median planted with a single row of horse chestnut trees. Two more rows of large shade trees are accommodated in the sidewalk planting strips on either side. This street is often referred to as “Fraternity Row,” as many of these institutions’ main quarters front onto the boulevard.

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