Celebrating Earth Day 2021 with Coyote Central

During this past year so many of us have been rekindling our fondness for green space and especially the city parks. Gaining a hyper appreciation for the views, natural wooded areas, and the ability to leave our homes for even a brief respite. With schools closed we have seen kids returning to parks in new ways – with family, pets or making their own field trips.

To celebrate Earth Day this year we have partnered with the very creative people at Coyote Central. Students were asked about preservation, access, and reconnecting with nature in Seattle’s Olmsted Parks. Here is a slideshow of posters created by students ages 10 – 15. We hope you find them as inspiring as we do!

  • Olmsted Parks - A place to connect. Computer illustration of people spending time in Volunteer Park, looking out at the city skyline with the space need. The sun is setting in a brilliant orange sky. A girl poses with her dog in the famous "donut" sculpture, two women walk with children, and a few other people are sitting on the grass surroudning the resevoir enjoying the park.
  • Root for trees! Wave back to the ocean. Digital art. In front of an abstract galaxy, a globe is topped with a gigantic tree covering most of a hempisphere. Rotating the image 180 degrees, a giant red octopus grabs onto the opposite site of the globe in a dark blue ocean.
  • Be the solution, Not the pollution! Hand-drawn poster. Large block letters and a globe site atop a wall of words including pollution, trash, deterioration, gross, catastrophe, plastic, downfall, and abuse. Occasional yellow words through include reduce, love, and water.
  • Everyone Needs a Space to Breathe. Protect Seattle Olmsted parks. Watercolor of volunteer park black ring sculpture with abstract space needle, resevoir, and trees in the background.
  • Protect Connect. An elaborate collage featured hands covered in green ivy atop a background of abstract nature images in shades of green. Phrases are pasted on top of background. Dissolve into the earth / we sha'll become one. Sway with the leaves / let us dance together. Take your time / like the old wise snail. Shine like the sun / help others grow. Explore the earth / proect her. Skip like a stone / over the creek. Bloom like a flower / and fill others with love.
  • Earth Loves You! Love It back! A hand drawn sketch of a person in a green hat walking up a hill in the hot sun. The word "Earth" is filled with green and blue like the planet.
  • Protecting nature youth artwork, with an orca jumping over the Seattle Space Needle

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