Emergency Tree Removal on Queen Anne Boulevard

photo of tree-lined street
Queen Anne Boulevard at W McGraw Place, near site of tree removal

Seattle Parks and Recreation took emergency measures to remove an infected tree on W McGraw Place, part of Queen Anne Boulevard, on Wednesday, July 29, 2020. The Parks Dept. briefed FSOP on the need for the emergency removal Tuesday afternoon and received approval from the Landmarks Board early Wednesday.

The tree, a mature Norway maple (Acer platanoides) was infected with a spore, Cryptostroma corticale, which when airborne can become a human health hazard. The tree removal crew wore special protective gear during the removal process.

The spore grows under the bark of the tree, and as the bark falls away the spore is released to the air. More information on the pathogen can be found in this article.

Seattle Parks will replace the tree with a young tree of a different species yet to be determined. Approximately 23 additional trees along the boulevard are being assessed and may need to be removed and replaced as well. FSOP will be involved in both processes.

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