Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. Symposium Announced by NAOP

The National Association for Olmsted Parks will be hosting two symposia, one this fall in Washington D.C and another next spring at Stanford University, to explore the work and legacy of Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr.

According to the NAOP website:

“The symposium will explore the continued relevance of and inspirations from his visionary work and leadership as we seek to address contemporary challenges in landscape architecture, preservation and planning.

The most comprehensive presentations to date of the full scope of Frederick Law Olmsted Jr.’s lasting legacy, the symposium will bring together thought leaders, historians, public agency representatives and professionals in city, regional and environmental planning, landscape architecture and design. Participants will explore how Olmsted’s designs, writings, organizational leadership, and visionary and politically shrewd collaborations offer insights and models for solving complex contemporary issues.”

For more information, visit the symposium registration site at:

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