Friends of Mount Baker Town Center Launches Website

FSOP has been working with the Friends of Mount Baker Town Center since this summer to identify potential locations for green space in the newly rezoned town center and to explore ways to connect Mount Baker and Cheasty boulevards – part of the historic Olmsted park and boulevard system.

The rezone increased the allowable height of buildings in the town center. This will increase the density of the neighborhood and increase the need for usable green space. The community has made green space a priority in the neighborhood’s planning and the area has great potential as a connection between Beacon Hill and Lake Washington. A continuous connection would fulfill the Olmsted Brothers’ goal of a string of boulevards and parks between Beacon Hill and Lake Washington via Jefferson Park, Cheasty Boulevard, Mount Baker Boulevard, and Lake Washington Boulevard.

See this fact sheet for more information.

The Friends of Mount Baker Town Center is looking for volunteers who would like to help develop the green space and boulevard connection ideas, reach out to the community, seek funding, or make a donation. For more information, visit their web page on the Seattle Parks Foundation site: Friends of Mount Baker Town Center or email them.

Vision for Mount Baker Town Center
Yellowed line drawn map of Seattle with sites and routes across the city hatched in red. Map is titled, "Olmsted System, Parks, Boulevards and Playgrounds of the City of Seattle."
Map courtesy Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site, 2690-z13pt1

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