Olmsted Correspondence Accessible Online

We are excited to announce that the Olmsted Correspondence project is complete! FSOP, working in conjunction with the Washington State Archives, has indexed 29 jobs’ correspondence related to the Olmsted Brothers firm’s Seattle projects.

More than 1,200 documents have been scanned and indexed and can be accessed via the Washington State Digital Archives at:https://www.digitalarchives.wa.gov/Collections/TitleInfo/2017.

The indexing allows us to search the correspondence by job number, job name, author or recipient, landscape feature type, document type, and topics, people, or organizations.

The work was done by FSOP volunteers and indexers funded by the Washington State Department of Transportation as part of the Section 106 mitigation agreed upon for the SR520 Bridge Replacement and HOV project.

We’d like to thank Mary Hammer, Michael Dwyer, and June Timmons from the Washington State Archives for their assistance in developing an indexing system and creating the online interface for the project. We’d also like to thank Olivia Johnson, Marta Olson, and Adrienne Sharigian for their work on the project.

Having the correspondence available online and searchable will make it easier to find information related to specific projects, trace the development of landscape features and plans, and see how the different elements were intended to work together as a system.

Black and white scan of a typewritten page with heading "Schmitz Park" and subheading "Visit by J.C.O. . . . 9th June, 1911."
John Charles Olmsted field note from visit to Schmitz Park, 1911.

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