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OlmstedOnline.org is a new website created by the National Association for Olmsted Parks in collaboration with the Friends of Seattle’s Olmsted Parks.

Combining scanned original drawings, photographs and correspondence with data from the Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site, Olmsted Online allows users to explore Olmsted landscapes by map and search for nearby parks by name, location, or keyword. Never before has the genius of the Olmsted firm’s designs been so accessible. Start exploring now at www.olmstedonline.org.

The goal is to expand Olmsted Online to include plans, maps, plant lists, correspondence and photos for the vast archives of documents related to the more than 6,000 projects created by Frederick Law Olmsted, his sons and successor firm across North America. In order to reach that goal, NAOP is seeking financial support and collaborative partners. Organizations and individuals are encouraged to contact NAOP to become actively engaged as project sponsors or content partners, at info@olmstedonline.org or (202) 223-9113.

Using the Olmsted-designed landscapes of Washington State as the pilot region, the project was largely funded by the State of Washington Department of Transportation. Friends of Seattle’s Olmsted Parks (FSOP) provided additional funding for the site, and Applied Geographics of Boston led the technical development team. Representatives from FSOP and the Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site, as well as NAOP Trustees and other volunteers, made invaluable contributions of their time and expertise.

Colorized photo showing distant aerial view centered on straght path intersecting large circular pool and ringed by large brick buildings. Lawn, copses of trees and criss-crossing paths cover the area, and three streets are shown converging in a"Y" at the main path's terminus. Text at the bottom reads "An aeroplane view of University ofWashington Campus, Seattle,Washington."
Job #00346. University of Washington Aeroplane View c1933. Courtesy of J&A Collection

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