Peach Garden Planted in Volunteer Park

On March 16, 2013, members of the Volunteer Park Trust and volunteers were excited to start planting a bed on the northeast corner of the Volunteer Park Reservoir.

Members of the Trust consulted the original Olmsted planting plan to determine types and varieties of plants he had identified for the bed. Keeping true to the Olmsted vision, but allowing for the mature trees now sharing the bed, the group created a new planting plan and worked with Seattle Parks and Recreation to meet current standards and specifications for planting bed designs.

The plants were selected for their flowers, fragrance, and seasonal interest and planted in masses to enhance the natural shape of the bed descending to the reservoir. They will grow to varied heights, creating a richly layered canopy.

The work on the planting bed has been made possible by a grant from the Peach Foundation, which generously funded preparation of planting plans and purchase of hundreds of forsythia, daphne, and other beautiful plants to fill the bed prepared by volunteers last fall. Volunteers will continue to water and weed the bed until it is established.

The Peach Garden project is part of the ongoing work of the Volunteer Park Trust to renovate planting beds and carry out other projects to restore the Olmsted vision for the park, increase activity in the park in Volunteer park, and educate the public about the park’s Olmsted legacy.

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