Commemorating Our Parks on Earth Day

Many thanks to everyone who submitted their photos, artwork and artpieces for our slide show! It is fabulous to see how our natural environment inspires us and what elements, in particular, draw our eye and mind to attention. We hope you enjoy this slide show presentation, in honor of Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary.

  • painting of woman walking dog among lawn and trees, all figures in dark silhouette
  • photo of water and blue sky with driftwood on shoreline in foreground, car ferry in far distance.
  • building with central breezeway shown at top of lawn, with pink-flowering trees in front.
  • painting of wide lawn path leading past flowering azalea shrubs
  • painting of lawn surrounded by green vegetation
  • watercolor of Japanese-style stone lantern with flowering shrub behind
  • painting of trees and path in lawn
  • photo of deciduous forest in summer
  • watercolor of white chapel entrance with steeple, vegetation surrounding
  • watercolor of white chapel with steeple surrounded by green vegetation
  • rectangular pool with reflection of sky and flowers
  • watercolor of multi-trunked, textured birch tree with lawn, path and vegetation in background.
  • pen and watercolor sketch of wood frame structure on dock, boats in front.
  • watercolor of orange, red and gold-colored madrone tree trunk against blue sky.
  • watercolor of Puget Sound with distant shore and open meadow in foreground
  • photo of car ferry on sunny day
  • oil painting of man with two dogs walking on long lawn surrounded by colorful vegetation
  • photo of asphalt path and roadway running along shoreline amid lawn and trees
  • photo across water to snow-capped peak (Mt. Rainier)
  • photo of benches, lawn and sidewalk lining lake with large willow in background shore
  • painting of yellow and orange trees in fall, lake and pathj in background
  • view of colorful fall and evergreen floiage
  • painting of view across narrow pedestrian bridge with side wallsand globe lights and two people in silhouette at far end
  • watercolor of hexagonal picnic shelter, viewed from downslope with stairs and vegetation
  • photo of park plan panel ("Green Lake Park") in foregraound with view of lake beyond
  • painting of pond shoreline with yellow autumn foliage
  • painting of circular brick tower surrounded by yellow fall foliage
  • painting of trees in fall with wide path leading between them
  • watercolor of tree trunks and fall foliage
  • watercolor of large white-trunked tree in front of bridge
  • painting of balck circular sculpture ("Black Sun" by Isamu Noguchi) with trees and reservoir in background
  • photo of two people walking along shoreline path -- in silhouette with long shadows from late afternoon sun
  • watercolor of white/blue/lavender tree trunks against dark background
  • painting of pond and island with lawn and trees
  • painting of view across water to distant snow-capped peak.
  • photo taken at sunset with sculpture, landform and trees in dark profile against western sky.
  • painting of white-trunked trees in snow with water and sky in background
  • distant view of lighthouse and neighboring building across beach at low tide
  • painting of snowscape with trees, roadway and person pulling sled
  • charcoal sketch of older man with beard, thoughtful gaze

We also encourage each of you to take part in “Voices Carry,” a project being created by Earth Day NW: You can add your own message and ideas for change in order to better protect our environment. In the words of Kristi England, executive director of Earth Day Northwest 2020: “In supporting this campaign, you will encourage thousands to get involved, and share their own unique visions of how they want to see the future unfold.”

We hope also that your thoughts and intentions this Earth Day include ways to continue preserving Seattle’s natural open spaces and parks, including our Olmsted system that first established this open space network.

Call for Submissions – Earth Day

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day and Appreciation of Seattle’s Parks


Do you have a favorite photo, memory, or personal artwork that involves one of our Olmsted parks or boulevards, or any of our city parks? In these days of self-containment, do you find yourself growing introspective about Seattle’s striking surroundings or its colorful history? We’d love to see and hear from you!

With the global outbreak of COVID-19, Friends of Seattle’s Olmsted Parks is revisiting some of its springtime plans, including events to honor Earth Day 50 years after its founding. So, to mark this Anniversary, Friends of Seattle’s Olmsted Parks would like to collect and share images and mementos that celebrate Seattle’s great outdoors.

Lawton Park (photo credit: Gretchen van Etten- Semke)


In this time of having to reinvent how we conduct our daily lives, FSOP also remembers how our larger city environment has been reshaped and its landscapes re-purposed over many decades. Our older Olmsted parks both directed and responded to Seattle’s early development, as have more recently acquired park properties. In normal times, these outdoor spaces provide opportunities for group recreation and outdoor events, socializing, immersion into native woodland settings, distant mountain views, and scenic panoramas.  While we cannot currently partake in all these activities, we can express gratitude and appreciation for how they are made possible. We encourage everyone to share ways that Seattle’s parks are meaningful to them, in whatever medium or form is digitally suitable.

Frink Park (Seattle Municipal Archives #178408)


We also feel this will be a great way to connect and share happy memories with each other, particularly during this time of extraordinary containment and isolation due to coronavirus.



We will assemble entries into a slide show, which will be posted on our website and Facebook page on April 22.

So, if you have a photo, sketch, poem, musing, written piece or memory you’d like to share, please send it to or to And keep your eyes peeled for the final display!

Deadline for submissions is Saturday, April 18. Digital submissions only, please.

Steps to Mt. Baker Park Beach
(watercolor sketch by Virginia Newman)

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